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auto-repairIt’s perfectly reasonable if you do not wish to fill up your gas tank every time you visit the service station. Gas prices are still exceptionally high throughout the nation. However, if you regularly travel on a quarter tank or less, you could have some dirty fuel filters on your hands. If you fuel filters become clogged please bring in your automobile for service at our auto repair in Chattanooga and get assistance from our certified experts today!.

Transmission repairs

Do you need a tune up? A replacement? An all-out repair? At May Bro’s, we take into careful consideration both your budget and the integrity of your new or used automobile. Call our shop to determine your automobile warrants immediate attention or if, alternatively, we can find a temporary fix. Our prices are very competitive when compared to prices of other auto repair shops in Chattanooga.

Exhaust systems

Need to pass your next DEQ check? Bring in your vehicle to have its catalytic converters checked today! We’ll get your new or used automobile up to state requirements in no time at all. In addition to catalytic converters, we also perform muffler repair.

Air Conditioning

It’s hard to get around Chattanooga in the summer months without! Populated areas like Nashville can get very hot, what with all the blacktop, pollution and congestion. If the A/C or even your heater tanks, bring to one of our service experts to put you back into a comfortable driving arrangement.

Mechanic in Chattanooga

Choosing a mechanic should not be taken lightly. Some shops may try to hustle you, or push unnecessary labor costs or parts–while others will respect your priorities and budget and seek your satisfaction in order to build a relationship built on trust and integrity. Usually, people find us by referral from a friend or family member based on these qualities. That’s not to mention our ASE certified work!

That being said, we highly recommend you ask a family member or friend. Reaching out to networks of people you work or live with, and who you can trust for an honest opinion is paramount. These recommendations will also spare you time calling around and doing your own research for a reputable business. Get at least three or four recommendations before looking further into it.

You might also try contacting your local BBB (Better Business Bureau). They can recommend a shop or discourage you from one by sharing the number of complaints received and, of those, which were resolved. Yelp and Zagat ratings are also very valuable because they are based on customer reviews and remove the bias of a single opinion. Keep in mind, however, that there are “trolls” out there, usually anonymous ones who leave bad reviews for the sake of bringing down their competitors, or simply because they are impossible to please. You can’t please all the people all the time. Patterns that arise, however, should be duly noted.

Other things you can look into is the life of the business. How long have they been open? What does their store-front look like from online photos? How do the mechanics answer the phone? Does the shop seem willing to compete for the work? If so, at what cost? Is the environment a friendly, positive and professional one? Do they carry any accreditations or community service awards?

Once you’re there, ask for an up-front estimate on the cost of repair. The shop owner should quote at least a diagnostic fee. Sometimes it’s hard to provide an exact quote without knowing exactly what is going on, and that’s okay. That’s why we call it an “estimate.”

You should only choose shops that employ ASE-trained mechanics. This is kind of like doing a background check, because ASE requires that a certified shop meets certain standards in order to qualify. Also, in doing so, the shop owner has demonstrated that he or she is serious about customer retention. You should always feel comfortable taking your car somewhere else and getting a second opinion. If a shop tries holding your vehicle hostage, turning a simple problem into an expensive repair, you should get your keys and drive away! The law is on your side.

One thing of note: recognize that a good mechanic with good specialists that don’t sell crummy parts are not dirt cheap. If you’re serious about maintaining the integrity of your car, and not just looking for a quick fix, both the value and costs will inevitably be greater. At the same time, feel free to do your research, ask questions, shop around and always keep some money saved-up for a rainy day.

At May Brothers, we work with various parts manufacturers to make repairs that are specific to your make and model. Also, our shop is ASE certified. Each case is unique, and we recognize that your business is precious, so we train our staff to be technically competent.